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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent Shouldn’t Be So Hard

We started with the simple idea that finding the best Real Estate Agent in your area shouldn’t be so difficult. Our dedication to helping customers find only the best Agents has propelled us to partner with the nation’s #1 Top Real Estate Agent referral network with over $1 Billion in property sold per year. In today’s challenging Real Estate environment, working with a Top Real Estate Agent is more important than ever.

Simplifying the Process

In the past, finding a Top Real Estate Agent meant wading through confusing lists and identical glossy advertisements. Often this meant calling the local real estate office to speak with the “floor agent,” typically one of the least experienced agents in the office. Or it meant making a blind call to an agent and waiting for a call back. But that was before we created this network of Top Real Estate Agents.

You’re in control. We provide the profiles and proposals of the exact three Real Estate agents you should consider. Why three? This allows you to evaluate them according to your specific criteria.

It is always important to interview an agent before to ensure you find the right one to fit your needs. Click here for some helpful questions to ask to help you make your decision.

Right Fit, Right Results

Finding the right fit is just as important as finding the right agent: that’s why we match you with three agents. Our matching system ensures that you find an agent with the working style and personality that fits with you.

Only the Best

The Top Real Estate agents in our network deliver:

Check_about More Resources — Top Agents work with their teams devoted specifically to marketing and showing homes. Also, Top Agents have direct access to the best mortgage, inspection and title resources in the industry.

Check_about Better Service — Top Agents are the best in the field. Their responsiveness, knowledge and follow through generate more activity and more opportunities for sealing the deal on your terms and on your deadline.

Check_about Better Results — The bottom line is: Top Agents deliver the results you want. Top Agents have the knowledge, network and judgment to help you achieve your Real Estate goals.

Our program allows you to get the advice and guidance you need from trusted, independently validated professional Top Real Estate Agents in your area.

A Powerful Network

Our Top Agents are picked from the area’s leading national brokerages and specialty boutique agencies. We handpick, evaluate and screen each of our Real Estate agents within our 15,000 Agent network. Our skilled researchers identify and select the best agents in every neighborhood in the United States. They constantly refine and update our network. All of our agents have unparalleled track records for success; many with multiple national recognitions and awards.

We’re on Your Side

Our network is by invitation-only. Real Estate Agents cannot buy membership in our network like they can from other services. When they complete a successful transaction (that means your transaction), they pay us a marketing fee. This process allows us to offer our service to you with no obligation and no fees. It also creates an incentive to work with only the best Real Estate Agents: we only get paid once you, the customer, is happy.

Personal Touch

We like people. We hire smart, passionate account executives who don’t use scripts to talk with agents or customers. When the phone rings, we pick it up and personally address your needs. We seek the perfect experience for every customer. It’s the way our system is designed. It is the very foundation of our business model. We expect to congratulate you on closing day.

Management Team

Service of Passion, Solution for Change

We asked the question: why is it so hard to find a Top Real Estate Agent? We put our years of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry to work and designed the solution. For you and For the future of the entire profession. We see ourselves as changing and bettering your real estate needs — redefining the real estate experience by separating just average from truly excellent.

” We feel this overwhelming sense of pride and excitement when we make the right connection between a client and a great agent. ”

Bring the professionalism of Top Agents to the nation’s homeowners, who have suffered from very uneven levels of service.

My board experiences consistently proved the importance of trusted advice and professional service. To complete the best deal, I know now that you must have strong partners. Partners must speak the same language and share the same interests. When they don’t, the result can be devastating, even heartbreaking. When they do, the experience is unforgettable.

We build strong partnerships based on shared interests. When I receive letters of thanks from our agents and clients, I know our model is working. Yet, I recognize the need to keep improving our services for the benefit of buyers and sellers throughout the country.

” If I didn’t have a better vision of what real estate could be, I wouldn’t be here. ”

Real estate is a personal passion. I would even say it is a family avocation. Many of my relatives were truly amazing agents. I admired how hard they worked to make their clients happy. They had a personal investment in every sale. They understood that buying and selling a home was not just a business transaction. Real estate is much more personal and intense because this piece of property is where people live and experience every important event.

Throughout my life, I could see the great power in finding the solution. I took my love for problem solving and completed an electrical engineering degree at UC Davis. I then designed and developed integrated computer systems for both commercial and government clients. Yet, I always came back to real estate.

Open houses became a weekend hobby. During tours, I could see this problem with many agents. Where was the passion for their clients? I began to see this huge gap in the agent referral process. How could anyone know which agents were truly dedicated and talented? I wanted to end this cycle of disappointment and disconnection. I wanted to design a referral system that made the right connections between agent and client.

My passion for the industry, a belief in people, and this exciting solution kept me going year after year. I never gave up. Today, I am proud to say that we manage thousands of requests a year, with many hundreds of successful transactions. I now understand the magic of finding the best agents in this complicated, often money-driven market. We are successful today, and I see a whole world of possibilities.

Broker License

Talbot Realty – The O’Neil Group is a licensed broker in the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin able to accept referral fees in all fifty states. MN: License #01426453, WI: License #01426453

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What is Talbot Realty - The O'Neil Group?

realhomeinfo.com is an online marketplace that connects you, the home consumer, to top local real estate professionals that match your needs.

You say that you have a network of Top Real Estate agents across the country. What do you mean by - our network?

Our network includes independent Real Estate agents from the top agencies and boutiques who are area experts. These agents do not work for us, nor do they pay to belong to our network. They are simply the best in their area.

Why do the agents in your network work with you?

Top Agents have earned their reputation and know that their professional standards are fully supported and protected. We have a team of research and service professionals who thoroughly analyze requests from buyers and sellers. When requests arrive, we screen, match, and closely monitor the activity between agent and customer until the transaction succeeds. Top Agents come to us because we offer a screening process and the ongoing assistance that builds customers’ confidence and even provides additional moral support during the entire process.

What do you mean by area experts?

Our agents know your neighborhood inside and out. They provide the history and context that enable you to make good decisions. They know the educational, social, and economic issues that are relevant to your transaction. They have the data and the judgment to set the right price of your home.

Why should I use Talbot Realty - The O'Neil Group versus another company?

We do all the work for you. Our skilled researchers identify and handpick the best agents in every neighborhood in the United States. Our researchers constantly refine and update our network. Like our agents know their neighborhoods, we know industry resources inside and out. We know what to look for in terms of agent performance. We know how to get beyond the marketing fluff and bring home the real facts.

Does your service cost anything?

You never pay anything to Talbot Realty – The O’Neil Group. Talbot Realty – The O’Neil Group is a no-cost and no-obligation service. Selected agents rely on us for high-return referrals. When they complete a successful transaction (that means your transaction), they pay us a marketing fee. This process allows us to offer our services to you for free and without obligation.

How do I use Talbot Realty - The O'Neil Group?

The first step is to submit your request via our 60 seconds online form. In the form fields, you specify the transaction type (buying or selling), your area, and price range. After our assessment is complete, we send three agent matches, which you can view online.

Which is the best way to work with my agents? Do they like to work online, on the phone, or in person?

You choose. Once we match you, you design the relationship with your agent; whatever suits and supports your personal preferences. Whichever method, all of the matched agents will provide industry-leading advice on buying or selling a home. If you want to list your home, you can follow this step-by-step process: 1) Select the agents whom you want to evaluate from our recommended matches; 2) Set up a listing appointment with one or more of our Top Agents; 3) Meet with agents in your home (the listing appointment) and receive the agents’ property evaluation and guidance on different pricing strategies; and finally 4) Select the agent that best fits your style. Most of our agents will be more than happy to schedule a listing appointment.

What if I don’t like the three agents that you select for me?

Every agent that we select for you is of the highest caliber, but we pride ourselves on finding the right fit. If we need to refine your matches, we will. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied. Send us an email or call us and we’ll start from there.

Will my information be given or sold to a third party?

Talbot Realty – The O’Neil Group takes the privacy and security of personal data very seriously. We will not share your information with anyone other than your prospective agents. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

How do I compare REALTORS® online?

We provide you with the profiles and proposals of the exact Real Estate agents that you should consider. While each Real Estate agent is extremely qualified, you should pay attention to information like: exact neighborhood expertise, similarity of vision, and personality fit.

Does Talbot Realty - The O'Neil Group have a real estate broker license?

Talbot Realty – The O’Neil Group is a licensed broker in the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin able to accept referral fees in all fifty states. MN: License #01426453, WI: License #01426453

If I'm still confused, can I talk to a real person?

Yes. We have a team of account executives who will walk you through the whole process from opening your account to reviewing your agents’ proposals. Account executives are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at (888) 695-1400.

How can I share with others what I learned through The Home Gurus?

Please send us an email. We depend on your feedback and welcome your success stories and lessons learned. We’re in this together.